2015 Review Wrap-Up

In case you want to check out what reputable outside sources are saying about Hyperlite Mountain Gear, here are a handful of reviews. Likewise, we would love to hear what you think about our gear. Your feedback is valuable. Please write your reviews on the product sections of our website.


2400 Southwest
Excerpt by Philip Werner,

“While highly water resistant as a benefit of its hybrid cuben fiber construction, the value of the 2400 Southwest Pack lies in its unique combination of low weight and durability without skimping on functional features. If you need a backpack that can go through off-trail hell and high water, the 2400 Southwest Pack is your ticket.”

3400 Ice Pack
Excerpt from

“It is extremely lightweight for its capacity, very comfortable, simple in design, and made from a Cuben Fiber/polyester hybrid fabric that’s seam sealed, meaning it’s 100% watertight- a unique feature among the packs tested. The fabric, although very light and extremely strong in terms of tear-strength, is more susceptible to abrasion than the average alpine pack tested here. For this reason we found that the Ice Pack is best used as an ice climbing or alpine snow/ice pack (as the name implies) rather than as an alpine rock pack. Previous editions of this pack had certain features that were lacking (the crampon attachment for example), but HMG has been refining the design, and the newest Ice Packs are fantastic.

2400 Ice Pack
Excerpt by

“I have to say that I like my ‘potato sack‘ (as my friends in the mountaineering club call it). It’s light, weatherproof and does the job – and does it well. It’s a very solid pack for all winter activities no matter if you need to carry skis, ice climbing gear, you are tackling some alpine routes or bagging a munro or two. It also works very well in the Scottish environment where rain and sleet is more than common. If you need more volume then just pick the 3400 version.”

Black Summit Pack
Excerpt by

“It’s the best bullet/summit pack I’ve ever used, but I realize the $170 is a chunk of dough. I’d say skip a couple meals out, a night at the bars…and pick up a Summit. Save it for your big days and backcountry missions. It’s winter-summer versatile, plenty tough, waterproof, and wears well, whether overstuffed or barely filled. Another score for the Hyperlite Mountain Gear crew. Good job.”

Stuff Pack, “The Most Versatile”
Excerpt by

“The shoulder strap equipped dry bag is the most versatile we’ve ever used. This 3.4 ounce gem holds around 25 liters of gear and packs down small enough to fit inside your back pocket!! Our testers primarily use this as a stuff sack and less frequently as a backpack. In addition to backcountry applications, such as use as a sleeping bag stuff sack and then summit pack for mountaineering, it’s exceptionally useful for traveling, bicycle tours, as a gym bag, or grocery bag. Choose from two different materials of differing durability. “


Square Flat Tarp
Excerpt by

“The Hyperlite Mountain Gear Square Flat Tarp offers the ultimate blend of low weight, bomber storm protection and versatility for ultralight trips in all conditions and all locations. The tarp weighs a mere 10 oz., is made of the best materials available and is constructed with the finest attention to detail. Unlike A-frame tarps, pyramids and dedicated pole supported backpacking tents, this tarp can be pitched in a myriad of variations according to weather and site conditions. This is our favorite shelter for ultralight backpacking and for going light anytime of the year for climbing and skiing. The Hyperlite Mountain Gear Square Flat Tarp is the ultimate ultralight tent for all activities.


The UltaMid 4 Pyramid Tent
Excerpt by

“The Hyperlite Mountain Gear UltaMid is the best pyramid shelter we’ve ever tested. It comes in two sizes, both being considerably larger than their two closest competitors from Mountain Laurel Designs and Locus Gear, a significant advantage that makes them highly comfortable and ideally suited to long trips, winter trips, or for people that value extra space. The two-person version weighs 19.8 oz. and the four-person weighs 24.9 oz. If you want the world’s best ultralight pyramid shelter for the world’s worst conditions/most epic trips, look no further than the UltaMid.”

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