Another State Bites The Dust!

Just got into Cascade Locks OR, lowest elevation the trail at 200ft, the end of another state, and the 500 mile to go mark. After 2 weeks of amazing views that were tarnished by the most demonic, pure evil, run through the woods screaming obscenities, god awful mosquitoes I’ve ever seen in my life (think swarms of hundreds following you all day then waiting for you outside while you sleep, seriously I’m not exaggerating here) I’m ready for a new state. A state which hopefully will be a nice relaxing problem free end to an awesome trip. All signs suggest that it will be, the mosquitoes seem to have ended, I’m still hitting some patchy snow (yes even in august) but nothing too bad, I might end up being too early for the infamous Washington rain, and the sub 4 month finish time I had hoped for from the beginning seems quite attainable now. The next milestone is Canada and I can’t wait! Onwards!

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