Beyond the Lazy Dixon Line

Hey y’all. Brian of Pittsburgh, PA. here, and I bounced over the 1,000 mile marker a few days ago and had a pleasant 5 day visit in Gettysburg with my loving parents and lovely girlfriend. What wonderful way to rest the weary legs and celebrate the 1,070 miles now in the rear-view. With more than half the trail still ahead I must thank all those who have assisted me along the way. A hearty thanks and handshake to the guys at Hyperlite Mountain Gear. For more than 600 miles the marshmallow pack has, ironically, carried me. It has been quite excellent being able to keep stride instead of having to stop to wrestle on a pack cover in the rain. Especially through the shenanigan’s. The Cuben Fiber pack has performed as great as the ticks have been plentiful and I will be lucky to leave the trail this year free of lyme’s disease. Looking forward to trying the new pack with all the new innovations and I think the pack is excited too. But it told me its kind of nervous in a “first day of school” kind of way. I’m sure it’ll blow its classmates away. Anyways, thanks again Hyperlite Mountain Gear. Thanks mom and dad. Thank you Rachelle. And thank you Bama, for remaining as loyal as a black fly. Thanks all. Expect another update a little further north. Throwin back the miles like theys light beer, Brian (my mom thinks my trail name should be, as Bama has proposed, “Jedi.” whaddya think?)

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