Goodbye Confederacy

Hello all, Bama here with an update. I have completed half my journey thus far. It has been an incredible experience, full of ups and downs… I’m certainly not a religious man, but I find myself humbled by the glory of nature, on a daily basis. Ive hiked 1100 miles since may 13th. That, is a lot of miles. I’ve climbed several mountains, explored beautiful balds, crossed rivers, and I am now getting accustomed to the boulders that make up the Pennsylvania section. I have met some wonderful people along the way. Id like to take a moment and thank all those who have supported me thus far. As some of you know, I am responsible for helping to develop the gear that we offer here at Hyperlite mountain gear. Which is a great opportunity for us to acquire true field-research data. As anyone, who has met me on the trail will tell you , I put my gear through the “ringer”. I can confidently say that we have developed my perfect thru-hiking pack. Sorry to the guys back home, but I refer to it as the stormtrooper! It is the combination of simplicity and innovative woven cuben fiber laminate material that produce this impressive back-pack. What can I say about my tarp-tent… other than, it rocks! I truly consider it my refuge. I climb into my Cuben Fiber Echo I Tarp System almost every night, providing comfort despite the relentless bugs and ever changing weather conditions. I have pitched it in a variety of campsites requiring some trying methods. There has never been an issue with this product. This is my home for 3 months, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my ultralight shelter! Stay-tuned for more info on the hike. P.S. I have seen a ton of bears this year! Its been an awesome experience.

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