Reporting from the PCT: Halfway!

After a month and a half of slogging through snow I finally passed the halfway point just south of Chester, CA a few days ago. I’m now enjoying the hospitality of the Old Station trail angels the Heitmen’s and trying to decide whether going out on to the Hat Creek Rim with the forecast calling for thunderstorms is a good idea, might be time for a zero. The snow does seem to be finally coming to an end, just some patches here and there, nothing like the 15 mile trail-less stretches we encountered in the Sierras. Although I hear there is still a good bit of snow up in the Trinity Alps near Etna, the forest service has in fact closed the trail due to “dangerous cornices”. Why they would do that here and not in the Sierra is beyond me. Due to my stubbornness and lack of money or time to flip flop I will be going through anyway, there’s no way it can be any worse than what I’ve already been through. I’ve also started using the Hyperlite Mountain Gear Cuben Fiber pack recently and it’s been great, it seems the fact that it is waterproof will come in handy since Northern California is insisting on welcoming me with daily afternoon thunderstorms. The one two days ago produced marble sized hail that I thought was going to rip through my Cuben shelter, apart from some sagging from the additional weight though it was absolutely fine and was a slightly unnerving but safe place to ride out the storm. Back to the trail! Evan

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