Backpacking Quilts are relatively new on the scene of ultralight backpacking and adventuring, and it seems as if more and more hikers are swapping their traditional sleeping bags for a quilt.What’s all the hype about? And, what exactly are the main differences between a sleeping bag and a quilt?

To put it simply, a quilt is a sleeping bag but with only the necessary features to keep you warm. Think of it as a stripped-down sleeping bag, but without sacrificing warmth. Quilts are generally lighter than their sleeping bag counterparts, mostly due to quilts featuring no hood, no zippers (or very short zippers), and no backside. 

With less features and components, that means quilts are also generally much more packable than sleeping bags and will typically take up less space inside your pack.

Most users pair their quilts with quilt straps, which can wrap around their sleeping pad to keep in the warmth and to prevent the quilt from moving around and falling off the user when rustling about in their sleep.

Due to there being no backside, this also allows users for more flexible sleeping positions, as opposed to being fully enclosed and wrapped up in a sleeping bag like a burrito, which can limit movement and prohibit certain sleeping positions.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear offers a 40-degree quilt and a 20-degree quilt with several features to allow for optimal warmth and comfort. Our Quilts feature drawstring closures on the neck collar to lock in warmth, an enclosed toe box, and quilt strap attachment points.

We designed our Quilts with warmth and comfort as a priority. To keep the chill at bay, our 20 Degree Quilts feature 1000 fill power RDS certified down, generously stuffed in 1.5” three-dimensional baffles for premium loft and warmth.

At the end of the day, both options will keep you nice and cozy in the backcountry, but if you’re all about saving weight where you can, like we are here at Hyperlite Mountain Gear, it very well may be time to swap your sleeping bag for a quilt!