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Expanded Metal Glossary

Glossary of Expanded Metal Products Section of Our Product Catalog (PDF)
Perforated/Expanded Metal Catalog (PDF)


Architectural Expanded Metal:

Architectural expanded metal is made from a self-contained piece of metal that has been die cut and stretched into a diamond pattern with architectural flare. Architectural expanded metal is lightweight, strong, aesthetically pleasing, and can be used for both decorative and functional applications. For more on architectural expanded metal, click here.


Bond Side Shearing:

This cut is made along the length of the expanded sheet on the center line of the bond over the specified length. In most cases it is not practical to attempt to Bond Side Shear either regular or flattened expanded metal, because of camber.  

Custom Fabricated Expanded Metal:

Custom fabricated expanded metal is economical and very versatile. This metal product allows for the passage of air and is a cost-effective alternative to perforated metal. Custom fabricated expanded metal comes in a variety of custom patterns that you can choose from. This metal product can also be used for a number of projects and applications. For more on custom fabricated expanded metal, click here.


End Bond Shearing:

The process of shearing a piece of expanded metal to a specified length (LWD). A plus or minus 1⁄8” tolerance applies when both ends are sheared. One end is cut on the Bond parallel to the SWD, the other end usually has open diamonds. NOTE: When end bond shearing is requested for both ends, the sheet is sheared at the center line of the bond over the specified width. A tolerance minus 0 plus 1⁄2 diamond applies. It is possible to End Bond Shear, but extraordinary care must be exercised to maintain the squareness of the sheet.


End Random Shearing:

The process of shearing a piece of expanded metal to a specified length (LWD). This cut normally leaves open diamonds at both ends but accomplishes close tolerance (plus or minus 1⁄8”) when both ends are sheared.


End Shearing:

The process of cutting a piece of expanded metal parallel to the short way of the diamond.  

Expanded Metal:

Expanded metal is a type of sheet metal that has been cut and stretched to form a regular pattern of metal mesh-like material. It is often used in building facades, sunscreens, and walkways.  

Expanded Metal U-Edging:

Expanded Metal U-Edging is an accessory for expanded metal. It is a metal u-shaped strip that attaches to the edge of an expanded sheet to make the edges more attractive and uniform. U-Edging is also very durable, and easy to install. It also provides a safety barrier at the cut edge of the sheet. For more on expanded metal U-Edging, click here.


Flattened Expanded Metal:

Flattened expanded metal is regular expanded metal, which has been cold rolled. This process leaves the flattened expanded metal with a flat, smooth surface with diamond shaped openings. This metal product is durable, economical, and extremely versatile. For more on flattened expanded metal, click here.


Micro Expanded Metal:

Micro expanded metal is great for a variety of uses, including metal filters. Our micro expanded metal features small openings in a lighter gauge sheet of metal, making it perfect for this type of application. There are many other uses as well. For more on micro expanded metal, click here.


Regular Expanded Metal:

Regular expanded metal is a finished product, as it comes from the press after having been die cut and expanded. The strands and bonds form a sharp angle to the original plane of the solid sheet.  

Random Side Shearing:

Side shearing is a cut made parallel to the LWD dimension of the expanded sheet, which usually leaves open diamonds. Standard tolerance SWD is plus or minus 1⁄8” when both sides are sheared.  

Side Shearing:

The process of cutting a piece of expanded metal parallel to the long dimension of the diamond.  


When all four sides of a sheet of expanded metal are sheared, the maximum tolerance will be plus or minus 1⁄16” per foot of width.  

Stainless Expanded Metal:

This type of expanded metal is a sheet metal that has been cut and stretched to form a patterned sheet. It is commonly used for corrosive or sanitary environments.  

Standard Expanded Metal:

Standard expanded metal, also referred to as raised expanded metal, is durable, economical, versatile, and easy to install. This metal is die cut and stretched on an expanded metal press. The strands and bonds give the metal product added strength and rigidity, while maintaining skid resistance and air circulation. For more on standard expanded metal, click here.



U-Edging is an expanded metal product accessory that is a u-shaped strip attached to the edge of an expanded metal product sheet to make the edges more attractive and safer. It is available in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel.

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